A Big Day

Today was really busy for us. Firstly Greg and I went into the city with Greg’s mum to see a matinée of The Phantom of the Opera. It was spectacular. They lifted the chandelier above the audience and then guided it as it fell to the stage in the musical. The boat scenes underneath the theatre were fantastic. The cast were all fantastic and the costumes were colorful and opulent. Greg originally didn’t want to go, but did and won’t say how much he enjoyed it.. but I know he did. The singing was great and it was well worth the money to go and see it. Becaue it was a matinée, the major stars of the cast did not take their roles, but we did not miss out in any shape or form. The understudies that played the lead roles were all superb and we had the privilege of listening to some up and coming and also established names in the musical industry.

We got home with only 45 minutes to spare and we were out the door to the Queensland Reds Vs. The Bulls Rugby Union Football game. This time the boys came with us. Greg already had a QR scarf, so we bought another one for Geoffrey. He loves any footy, but with his autism quickly becomes over stimulated and tonight he didn’t fail me. Geoffrey is extremely good, until we have to exit the stadium to which he becomes very anxious and resistive. The reason is because as we enter and exit the stadium, it looks as though we are high up as we look down towards the sports ground. I usually manage it with a reassurance, then a limit, and then a forcible tug to get him moving behind me – telling him not to be so silly, he’s 20 and making a scene for himself. Sometimes it can be difficult when he digs his heels in, and tonight he was pretty stubborn, so I needed to have a good hand on him. When we finally get to the top, which is only about six rows behind us anyway, I aks him how silly does he think he was. He usually says that it was a bit silly, until the next time that we do this. We want to take the boys to a Brisbane Bronco’s game and then if we can, get tickets to a state of Origin game that is played up here in Brisbane. Both boys will love it, I just need to remember how autistic Geoffrey can become in his over stimulation!!!

Oh the joys of Fragile X. 🙂


Peter’s 20th Birthday

Peter turned 20 on March 8. He had such a lovely day. He got the new Brisbane Bronco’s t-shirt he is wearing in his birthday photo’s. They are now uploaded onto Flickr, so please take a look.

We planned a birthday BBQ for him and invited dear Christian friends who enjoy interacting with Peter at church. He had a great time, helping Greg cook the BBQ and doing chores. He loved his birthday cake, a yummy Bee Sting Cake from the Cheese Cake shop. I also made a Pavlova for him. What we didn’t eat on the night, I took to church the next morning for morning tea. We didn’t want it, and it would only be a temptation for me and I didn’t want that.

We had a few kids come around, Matthew, Bryn and Gabe, Melissa, Matthew and Stephen and baby Johanna. The adults enjoyed themselves as they talked with each other. It was a busy night for me, making salads and preparing the deserts, but it was wonderful for Peter, and it looks like her certainly felt special…. the way it was meant to be.