Going Good

One of the fantastic things that Geoffrey did today under supervision from Greg was wash his clothes and then hang them out on the line to dry without much prompting. What we try and do is teach Geoffrey and Peter to be as independent as possible, but often it means extensive verbal input and step by step instructions each step of the way. On days like this, we try and pat ourselves on the back for all the good work that we have invested with Geoffrey and Peter’s upbringing. We also make sure we praise the boys of course, and my boys respond much more readily to praise rather than limits and boundaries about things they have not done so well.

We have also tried to teach them that if they wet their beds overnight, they won’t get into trouble if they tell us and help us put the sheets in the washing machine in the morning. I will get them to help me do it. It is a little more time consuming in an already busy morning, but at the end of the day, ends up being a better outcome than coming home to a smelly house because of wet sheets. Once we get home after work/program we put the sheets in the dryer ready for the night. Most times it works well.

At the moment, my boys have another week off because it is school holidays but my husband is home with them because he is a school teacher. He works at the Special School my boys once attended. He loves working with disabled kids and every achievement they make is a milestone.

My daughter’s boyfriend also likes Geoffrey and Peter and did what every boy does when waiting in the car for us to finish shopping – farted in the back seat. Geoffrey will laugh at farts at a drop of hat, and any joke that involves farting is comical to him. Katherine was disgusted and couldn’t wait to get home to stop her boyfriend from egging her brothers on!

Boys will be boys…