We have done a few things over the school holidays that have been really good. From the last post, you are aware that my Mum came up to visit us for Geoffrey’s 21st birthday party and also for Christmas. Peter, in the red shirt and Geoffrey in the Green shirt are pictured here with my Mum.

At our first Sunday at Church after Christmas, a young man asked Geoffrey how his birthday went. Geoffrey answered appropriately and conducted what I would consider a ‘good’ conversation with this person. He answered questions with clarity and did not repeat any questions. (echolalia – which Geoffrey so often exhibits) I was stood next to Geoffrey but speaking to a woman who was sat in front of this young man. I did not know this person so had Geoffrey in the corner of my eye watching what was going on. I was really impressed by his ability to conduct a conversation like this. How I explain this, with his Autism, is that church is now a familiar environment for him and people always go up to him and talk to him. Most people know now that they have to direct the conversation and most times he is responsive.

On Tuesday, January 13, we took the boys to the twenty/20 Cricket. I was so proud of Peter. He loved it… he seems to be much more a cricket fan from watching him than a footy fan. I said to Greg during the game that we need to bring the boys to the cricket as much as we bring them to the footy. Peter used lots of good manners and signed please and thank you for nearly all of the night. We praised him which he found difficult to accept.. he is quite bashful and self concious most times which we think underpins his desire to help all the time.

Today we went for a drive to Cunningham’s Gap and then looped around to Toowoomba and then back home. We went for a short walk to a lookout over the Fassifern Valley which was pretty. We then drove into Warwick, had lunch and walked around the cathedral. At Toowoomba we stopped at Picnic Point and had a drink and then drove home. It was such a pretty drive, with the mountains as a backdrop the valley and then us climbing it, and then looking down into the valley and taking photos. We want to go again, but this time have a look around Spicer’s Gap and go to Queen Mary Falls… maybe do a longer walk or a tougher walk..