Wynnum Spring Fair – Brisbane, Australia

The Fragile X Association of Australia was chosen as the main beneficiary for monies raised at the Wynnum Spring Fair this year. We all went to Mel and Paul’s and got on a bus that took us on the parade. Mel and I along with Megan and Chloe handed out lollies and brochures about Fragile X. We had one lady come up and ask us about Fragile X and how it works in different people. She said she wasn’t aware that Fragile X even existed and considered it something that she might pursue for her daughter. By raising awareness about Fragile X and putting our names out there, we get to help at least one family, then our efforts have been worthwhile.

Mel does such a great job in leading the Queensland parent support group. Whilst I am involved and support Mel, I have a major role in the forum which is at http://www.fragilex.org.au  Please visit if you have any involvement with Fragile X and apply to become a member of the forum. The more members we have, the better dialogue and communication we have with different people who have different experiences.

Log onto the Fragile X Associations website and read all about it.


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