Meltdowns, wet beds and all that stuff – or the lack of them

Since either Greg or I have been home over the last 2 years or so, we have seen less and less meltdowns. Touching wood we haven’t seen a meltdown or tantrum in over six months and we haven’t had a wet bed since before Christmas.

I think it is the routine that has been established at home and the security that one of us is home to organise them without the stress of getting ready for work ourselves. Greg has retired from teaching and he has become the ‘stay at home’ parent. That means the boys do not have to get up early and both they and Greg can rise at a reasonable time to get ready for the day.

Peter and Geoffrey seem settled at the program that they attend. It is a life skill and part recreational program that they enjoy. The staff employed there seem dedicated and nice towards the boys, although I do question their level of education in disability at times.

Geoffrey and Peter enjoy a full life with attending Ablecare Monday to Friday and being part of family celebrations and events on weekends. We are lucky – ours is a blended family and the reception could have been frosty. Thankfully the boys have been accepted. Not with overt warmth but certainly with acknowledgement of being part of my family. I am quite determined, in everything I do, apart from my marriage, my boys come first. The reasoning for this is our able children are capable of taking care of themselves. Geoffrey and Peter can’t and will never be able to. I need to secure their future so that they will live in comfort and recieve the care that they deserve. I am not going to have my sons live is substandard conditions that can be seen often with people with disabilities.

Greg just attended a meeting today getting together key people in the community that either live with a disability or are carer of people with disability. There are a number of grants and initiatives available to assist people to live in the community in their own houses. There is a scheme called the ‘Better Start Program’ where families with children under six get funding to access specific programs, help with the cost of equipment and also assist disabled people to access past times that many of us enjoy and many of us take for granted.

All in all, we are in a good place at the moment. The most important thing is that Geoffrey and Peter are in a good place as well.


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