Every two years the National Fragile X Foundation in the US hold an international conference. The city in which this conference is held changes each time and this years it is being held in Miami. We are going for the first time – to hear what research is being focused upon, and to meet friends whom we have met on facebook and we want to extend that friendship beyond the cyber world. After the conference we are moving to a beach side hotel and going on a couple of tours. One to the Everglades and the other to Key West. I want to go on that overseas highway and also see the islands that make up part of Florida. We are going to have a rest day and maybe pick up a Miami city tour or a bay tour as well as maybe have a swim at the beach and see what beach life is, in Miami. We then fly to Washington DC. We are going to Gettysburg and we are doing a monument tour by night. We are having a free day where we want to explore some of the Smithsonian museums. Apparently there are 17 or so museums that we can amble through. Whilst in LA waiting for a flight connection on our way to Florida, we are doing a day tour. We have to wait from around 7am in the morning until 11pm at night so a tour will help kill some time and give us a taste of LA.

We are really looking forward to our trip. We are not taking the boys because it would be just too expensive so my mum and step-dad are coming to look after them. I think they are all looking forward to it.