How my Christian Faith helps me.

I became a Christian the week before 9/11. I am not sure of the significance of that, but since then my life has turned around ten fold. I have moved from being a single mum to being married to the most wonderful guy on earth. We met on a Christian website and despite knowing that Geoffrey had Fragile X, still had the heart to pursue me. We married and our life has built up from that point on.

We then decided to offer Peter a home. This has been one of the best decisions that we have made in being together. We often wonder about God in our lives and what he puts before us in our path. Well, if I hadn’t married Greg, we would not have the lifestyle we have today, Peter would not be in our lives, and there is no telling where he would be now if he hadn’t come to live with us.

My faith places a calming influence on me, and both my boys chose to be baptised in September 2007. I look at Geoffrey and Peter and hear Geoffrey singing his heart out in church and Peter lifting his arms in praise. Even though they are intellectually disabled, through this I know that they have their own relationships with God.

They always feel comfortable in our church environment, and people as they have come to know Geoffrey and Peter, have learned about their strengths and abilities. Peter shows his caring of people by helping them. Today after lunch, he helped fold up the table cloths and always likes to put the fold out tables away. Peter often will raise his hands in praise. Geoffrey on the other hand, can have a limited conversation with people. When in the mood, he will talk to anyone about trains, planes, F1-11’s and star wars. People will ask Geoffrey what he and pete have been up to and how swimming went and what did they cook this week. Geoffrey can be heard singing at the top of his voice, some of our hymns and worship songs, and he particularly likes the ones that we clap to.

We have encouraged people to approach  the boys outside of our support, so that other adults in the church can have unique relationships with both Peter and Geoffrey on their own terms and without the involvement of us. I know some of the older women will go and ask Peter to do something for them, we just have to watch out to make sure he completes the task. I remember once he gave me a jar of the most delicious lemon butter that one of our ladies makes. When I inquired, he was meant to give it to another of our ladies, but he had given it to me.  At least he got to the general direction he was meant to, because I was actually standing just near her.

We love our church, and we love the people in it. It is so special in that the people who worship there, accept Geoffrey and Peter for who they are, not on account of their disabilities. We won’t be leaving in any hurry.