Our Story.

The Pregnancy

I fell pregnant with Geoffrey when I turned 27 years old. My husband and I had been married for five years and we thought that it was the right time to start having a family. We had purchased our first house and my husband was working in a secure job. We didn’t have much to our name. We were not good savers and only had the basics. Despite this we lived a comfortable life. We had friends through our workplace as well as family friends whom we had known for significant lengths of time.

My pregnancy went well, with only minor upsets of morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy. I continued to work as an enrolled nurse throughout my confinement. It took a while for me to ‘show’ – at least until half way through the pregnancy. Both sets of parents lived within a short drive of where we lived and everything went smoothly. I did have some nigglings – anxiety about birth and the delivery. I really didn’t know what to expect either. I wasn’t one for reading books about pregnancy and birth, only the very basic of information did I absorb – looking at how big the baby was growing at each stage and what parts of the baby’s body was developing at any given time.

I remember my father having a heart attack when I was pregnant with Geoffrey. He was down at Phillip Island which is in Western Port Bay and was chopping wood for the wood fire. He was helicoptered back to Melbourne and admitted to the hospital that was opposite our house. It was extremely convenient because I just needed to walk across the road to visit him. At this stage Dad had three heart attacks, so whilst concerning, it did not cause huge amounts of anxiety because we had become used to the process and about what to expect. We also knew that he was in the best hands and in the best position should anything untoward occur.

I remember getting very tired towards the end of the pregnancy. Under my award that I worked under, I was required to commence maternity leave at 30 weeks.


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